Stock InkBend Standard Rod Colors

InkBend Standards™ are available in a wide assortment of stock rod colors and designs. Choose from our translucent and opaque solid colors, recycled "junkyard" tubes, multi-color printed pattern tops and foil transfer patterns.

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NOTE: PMS colors marked are approximate only.
For more accurate color examples, please call for a product sample.

Stock Solid Rod Colors:

available in translucent and opaque solid colors

Transparent Hot Pink (PMS 213)
Transparent Cobalt Blue (PMS 286)
Transparent Brown (PMS 4635)
Transparent Lime (PMS 382)
Transparent Medium Green (PMS 355)
Transparent Burnt Orange (PMS 1665)
Transparent Red (PMS 185)
Transparent Gold (PMS 137)
Transparent Aqua (PMS 308)
Transparent Light Blue (PMS 2925)
Transparent Dark Green (PMS 3415)
Transparent Teal (PMS 320)
Transparent Purple (PMS 2603)
Clear Yellow (PMS 1205)
Clear Pink (PMS 196)
Opaque Lime (PMS 375 C)
Opaque Pink (PMS 212)
Opaque Orange (PMS 172)
Opaque Purple (PMS 2612)
Opaque Yellow (PMS 108)
Opaque Red (PMS 186)
Opaque White
Opaque Black

Junkyard Inkbends:

from post-consumer recycled products

Recycled post-consumer TIRES
Recycled post-consumer U.S. CURRENCY
Recycled post-consumer PLASTIC
Recycled post-consumer DENIM
Recycled Heat Change post-consumer plastic (magenta to pink)
Recycled Heat Change post-consumer plastic (black to white)

Multi-Color Patterns:

Custom patterns available - call for details.

Dalmatian Spots
Easter Egg Stripes
Stars & Stripes (USA)
Tiger Stripes
Cow Spots
Candy Cane Stripes
Musical Symbols
Checkered Flag
Giraffe Spots
Paw Prints
Christmas Holly & Stars
"SOLD" Sign
Leopard / Cheetah Spots
Zebra Stripes

Stock Foil Patterns:

Available Foil Colors: Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue & Rainbow

Zig Zag
Floating Bubbles
Zebra / Tiger