Mail & Variable Data Options

What is Variable Data?

Variable Data is printed information that is unique to each individual item. For instance, if each card will have a different postage address, Variable data will be used to print the addresses on each card. Other possibile applications are personalized names or messages, raffle ticket numbers and coupon codes that are unique to every card.

How do I send Variable Data?

The most common format is an Excel spreadsheet file. For best results, be sure the address information is in separate col

umns such as company, contact name, street address, city, state and zip. We can also take clean tab-delimited text files, or any other delimited file that we're able to translate.

Mailing Options

Once your variable pieces are produced, you have two options to ship them. 1) We can bulk ship them directly to you and you can mail or distribute them as you wish. 2) We can handle the mailing for you. Please call for current postage rates.

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